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Best brand strategy in 2020 ft. Odd Loop, a Creative Agency in New Delhi

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

‘Unprecedented’, ‘Together in this’ and ‘The New Normal’ are some of the buzzwords that we often hear brands chanting these days. It’s been a year since the pandemic broke out and the world as we know it changed for at least a handful of years to come.

While we practiced staying indoors and curbed as many ‘touch’ points as we could, businesses adapted to this new sense of safety, hygiene and fear. The competition between brands has only risen ever since, owing to the massive clutter in communication on the internet.

Even though it may not always seem like it, we assure you -- the consumer still is king. But content is the queen in this game of chess because unlike the emperor, she can move freely through the online world. And when it comes to the best content marketing strategies in 2020, we at Odd Loop Creative Agency, New Delhi have witnessed first-hand the rising demand for ‘creative’ and ‘disruptive’ content.

As a creative ad agency with noteworthy success in 2020, here’s what we think would help your brand stand out in these trying times:

Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes

It’s easy to write flashy copy that encourages your audience to avail your services or buy your product but at the same time, it can also be deemed insensitive. Mental health is also an issue of grave concern today, thanks to the wavering balance between our professional and personal lives.

A growing creative ad agency, we believe that every brand must behave like a living, breathing human being. In these difficult times, we must find insight into our daily lives and relate to our customers’ plights and pains.

This will give way to content that is from the heart, communication that connects and binds together a community that shares everything from distress to delight in these times.

Reassure Your Customers

Anybody can buy a stamp that says ‘Safe and Hygienic’, however, it takes real policy changes, proof and coverage to introduce a sense of credibility. While a lot of brands are triggering fear in their customers as a marketing tactic, a more reassuring approach is a breath of fresh air that gives you brownie points for just staying positive.

The best way to utilize your creative agency as a brand in New Delhi, for example, would be to spread awareness about precautions and symptoms while also deploying the best practices and marketing the same, simultaneously.

Become A Digital Native

While the points above give you a pulse of the world, this one is closer to home. Becoming a digital native means that you make your product or service available on the internet in the most convenient and hassle-free way possible.

Many companies have already harnessed the power of Social Media and set up their Facebook/Instagram Shop, created their own e-commerce website or tied up with third parties who can sell their products or services online. This isn’t about keeping up with technology or innovation anymore. This is now about keeping up with the world.

Many top creative ad agencies can help you accomplish this in a rather exciting way (just ask us!).

That being said, you must bear in mind that the world is very different from it was just a few months ago. While some countries are already struggling with the second wave, others still have not recovered from the first blow. Many people have started to ignore the protocols and they may be forgetting that they are responsible for the safety of others. Precautions that we so keenly followed may be slipping from our loose and nonchalant fists like grains of sand.

In moments like this, profit doesn’t trump people. Brands must have it in them to remind their audiences that things may be ‘unprecedented’ and ‘the new normal’ may be hard but, we are, as cliché as it may sound, ‘in this together’.

Need a top creative ad agency to help you transform digitally? We’ll be happy to help! Throw us a creative challenge or contact us at to get the conversation started.

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ThinkPen Media
ThinkPen Media
Jun 19, 2023

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