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Brand Strategy

Once you have the visual elements of your brand in place i.e. Logo Design and Visual Identity, you now need a tactical planning to fuel the work that has been done so far to scale up and attract the right audience.

The Brand Strategy is developed to create a complete path for you to understand the accurate and efficient usage of all your visual brand elements and creative resources. It helps you to take forward your brand in the right strategic manner for optimum utilization and attain desired results.

It helps you define what your brand stands for, the promise you make to your audience, and the personality you develop. The strategy does include your logo, colour palette and tagline but, those are just the creative elements that convey your brand. Instead, your brand lives in every day-to-day interaction you have with your market and the audience.

We construct a brand strategy for you that will help you communicate more effectively with your audience if you follow it in every bit of communication you have with your prospects and customers.

Some of the things that the Strategy will help you with:

1. Have a story or angle to your brand that captivates your target audience

2. Explain the “why” and the foundation that drives your company’s passion

3. Know what needs to be done next at each and every step of your brand journey

4. Bring class and consistency in your brand communication through all mediums

5.  Retain a strong brand identity

6.  Have clarity in your vision

The right brand strategy not only helps a brand that already offers great value in terms of quality product or service to connect with its audiences with more intensity, driving trial, sales and loyalty, but also brings a focus to the business that when captured can be tremendously powerful.


1. Competitive Analysis

2. Business Fundamentals

3. Brand Architecture

4. Creative Elements

5. Brand Positioning

6. Brand Promise

7. Reasons to believe in you – for Target Audience

8. Market Opportunity

9. Consumer Insights

10. Key message

11. Brand Character & Personality

12. 3-years road map

13. Customer Profiling

14. Brand Expressions

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