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What our clients

have to say about us

01 kokomojo

"The ODD team has impressed me with their knowledge of trend and minimalism. Their input in meetings has been valuable and has given us guidance. Also, their Branding & Creative Strategy helped us land investors real soon!" 

- Veer Vikram


02 Sycolorgy & Dibstr

It has only been a pleasure to work with Odd Loop! They truly devote themselves to your brand/business, and it is evident in the results of their work. I particularly appreciate the professionalism and presentation of each and every document; from meeting minutes to presentations - it has such an aesthetic appeal! I look forward to working on many more projects with them in the future.

- Srishti Pattundeen

03 Lekka

AMAZING work and an EXCEPTIONAL team!❤️ Had the privilege to work with Oddloop and it turned out to be the best decision.

Oddloop isn’t a cookie cutter design company. And that is evident through their work and work ethic. From understanding the emotion behind the music, listening to the song and the lyrics before designing, to processing it and translating that into the album artwork, everything was well thought of.

Special mention to Anurag who’s the genius behind the magic. He took special care in understanding (and explaining)the psychology behind the use of each letter, font, colour, texture and size! He went the extra mile to make sure the album cover is absolutely in sync with the song. He was so patient throughout the process and not to forget a creative wizard of course! The end result was a GORGEOUS album cover that I’m super proud of ☺️

Special thanks to the lovely Mansi as well for being super sweet and for starting our chapter with such positivity ☺️

For anyone looking for customised, well thought out, unique, neat and gorgeous designs, Oddloop is the ONLY place to go.
Trust me you will not regret it.
Already looking forward to the next project with Oddloop!

- Lekka

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