A 21st Century Plot Twist...

How many straight-cut, plain-jane, simple-no-crimple brand campaigns can you remember? Let’s answer that for you: None. Human beings crave the element of surprise, naturally sway toward oddities and like a little quirk with their coffee-to-go. 

Talk about tapping into cultural zeitgeist. We’re from a generation that invented creative disruption and ‘broke the internet’ multiple times. 


At Odd Loop, we’re a bunch of young, woke and inspired marketing nerds who fuse their individual journeys into a melting pot of 100% original creativity, insightful strategy and metrics that matter -- to build brands that rise above the clutter gutter.

We work with and not for brands.

We say this because there’s often love lost between agencies and their clients. But we don’t hate on ours - no matter how passive-aggressive the rest of the industry becomes. Instead, we set a precedent to be followed that benefits us all:

“Think of us as a doctor for your brand - we’ve diagnosed over a thousand pain points and curated solutions that inspire, delight and convert. Think of yourself as the patient who’s just as obsessed with self-actualization. Together, we can live 100 years and then a few more if we focus on what unites us. Trust the people, the process usually follows.”

- Anurag & Mansi, The Founders

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