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Search Engine Marketing, commonly known as SEM refers to the process of ranking high on search engines with the right strategy and paid search methods. SEM uses the intensity of search engines like Google to target and reach out to the potential audience at perfect time and spot. Some of the words you might hear a lot like PPC and paid search ads all come under SEM.

SEM & SEO, Please Don’t Mix the two. 

We ain’t making Cocktails!

As of late, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) used to come under the blanket term Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but due to the increasing complexities both parted ways and now exist as two discrete entities. However, even individually the two still remain very firmly and closely related.

SEO is centered around improving your site so as to increase your organic web index rankings. Search Engine Optimization particularly rotates around putting keywords strategically throughout the site, external link establishment, setting up site authority and utilizing the metadata that is crawlable by Google and other search engines.

On the other hand, with Search Engine Marketing you spend money to play with the Search Engine Results Page i.e. the SERPs. Basically, you pay to make your ads and website visible to the people who are actively carrying out their search using the keywords you’re targeting. With SEM you don’t need to bother with high site authority so as to have you appear on the first and main page of search engines when you are ready to pay for it.

NOW THE BIG QUESTION IS – Do you need both?

Maybe NO. But if you implement both SEO and SEM will your business end up getting a lot more leads? Absolutely YES.

Optimizing and enhancing your website with best SEO practices is always going to be a smart thought. You do want to have a solid foundation that will rank you as high as possible on the search engine results that too organically. We do know SEO clicks are absolutely free! Why won’t you want them as many as possible?

Wherein, using SEM can obviously accelerate your capacity to build your brand and customer base. It will place you exactly in front of your audience who are actively looking for items, products, services and brands simply like yours. You need to show up at the very top of their searches.

Pretty much understand both of them but not sure where to begin with? Get in touch! That’s all that is needed.

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