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Brand Identity | Re-branding

After completion of the first step of setting up the

Logo Design” and tone of brand, we can now move towards taking the next necessary steps.

If you want to be on top of your audience’s mind, have the best market share and surpass your competition, you have to be DIFFERENT. And different is what your Brand Identity helps you become.

It’s so much more than just a logo! Brand Identity is a collaboration of all the visual elements from colours  to fonts, to icons, to images, to tone of voice, to every single dot and line that represents a brand.

A well thought-out and uniquely crafted brand identity for your brand will be effective, efficient and help your business grow.

We at Odd Loop Creative Agency are able to create such unique identities for each of our clients by listening, understanding, researching, putting client thoughts and our research together, brainstorming and then creating. The process is demanding but it is worth it because, getting your brand identity right in the first place definitely saves a lot of pain, time and effort further down the line, saving all of it to work and achieve your targets and goals.

How do we get the best done?


Well, we Have Perfected Our 4-step agency PROCESS, which has proven to build some of the most successful brands.


This is the process of learning as much as we can about your brand—what your brand essence is, and what goals must be met to generate awareness and move the needle. This involves research, planning and strategy.


Where are you today?

We help you understand people’s current perceptions of your brand, taking into account both internal and external audiences. We get everyone on the same page, so we can agree on what needs to change.


This phase involves translating this whole information into a unified brand. We generate creative concepts and define voice, look and feel. This is where your brand comes to life.


Concept becomes reality as your brand is rolled out!

We are dedicated to client experience, the process and consistent communication through every step. We are not interested in “as many projects as possible,'' our mission is to embrace the right projects.

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