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Video Production

Videos Hold the Power to Boost Any Communication.

We pride ourselves in conveying robust messages, captivating brand stories and original ideas through all our video content. Every brand has its own unique story and we make sure to maintain the integrity of each brand by curating content and concepts with extra care.

We are not here just delivering some beautifully crafted videos; we work hard with passion to create video content strategy & campaigns that help intensify your video across all digital platforms.

Video production is at the core of what we do, so it's a given that we will work end to end to not only develop an instinctual and engaging message for your consumers, but to convey that message in a moving and delightfully unique manner.

We are an extremely Odd Loop of people. We are Directors, we are Producers, we are Videographers, we are Cinematographers and we are Editors; we are the filmmakers. We're dazzled by the light, we long for camera developments & movements and our brains are continually ticking over with new thoughts for our next creation.

Our post production process is something to fall in love with. We cut our videos with as much sincerity and passion as when we shoot them. We endeavor to convey the most ideal outcome with intense focus, subtle perfection, magical skills and a whole lot of passion.

Another fun thing that you can find with us at Odd Loop Creative Agency is, MOTION GRAPHICS. Now, how’s motion graphics fun? It’s because of the unique and endless conceivable outcomes you can have here. You can just find and put together somewhat stale, static graphics together and then add motion to them to breathe life into them, as they tell a story– well, isn’t that just wonderful?



Online Marketing Videos

Branded Content

Explainer Videos

Animation & Motion Graphics

Promotional Videos

Social Media Video Campaigns


Video content strategy

Social media video campaigns

Online video series development


Corporate Film

Promotional Videos

Corporate Event Coverage


Concerts / Festivals

Corporate Events Video Coverage

Brand Activations

Now you know the wonders that we can do with videos but trust us, you’ll be amazed to see how we hold the power of conveying massive stories with static images!

Check out the Brand Photography.

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