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Music Album Art

Make your music look as good as it sounds because seeing will always remain a part of hearing.

After working hard on your music with endless hours, days and months spent on that track, refining every second of it you are now ready to present it to the whole world. Before that, there’s a very crucial part to your album release that needs attention - the great album release art. A perfectly designed album cover for your perfect music will add a professional touch to it which will place you above the rest in an industry that is becoming more and more competitive every day.

The art of album covers still holds a lot of power in this digital music streaming world. Though what matters the most is the music on the inside but album cover becomes the opportunity for you to capture the attention of new listeners and give a wonderful visual representation to your music.

There’s a reason why we at Odd Loop Creative Agency are able to create an album cover that completely justifies the music inside even for artists with different style, type and genres. It is because we respect the hard work that goes in, we listen to your music our self and absorb every bit of emotion in it. We understand that whenever you make music, you have an idea of how you want the people to respond to it. We sit with you to think about and understand the emotions you want your audience to have when they hear your album. And that’s how we make sure that our creation is in line with your creation.

The reason why so many people listen to music on sharing platforms like Spotify, iTunes, etc. also the most powerful streaming tools is that they’re very easy to use alongside being very well organized. But this generally affects the concept of the album badly, as the albums are often narrowed down to a few categories i.e. artist name, track title, the album title. Above that, they are all displayed in the same rows, with same fonts, and same view as every other album on the list.

This makes that tiny square that shows your album art (probably 10% of the entire page) hold so much more importance. Having your music on platforms that make the whole lot look the same, your album art is the only space remained where you can make yourself stand out and grab eyeballs.

If you’re able to articulate well what you’re seeking, then we will surely be able to realize it for you and take care of that perfect finishing your album deserves.

If you're an artist looking out for more creative services like print collaterals, social media or a personal website, then you can count on us for those too!

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