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Top 3 Best Digital Marketing Agency Practices in 2020: Odd Loop, New Delhi.

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Digital Marketing is the business of cutthroat businesses. On a street, you may only have several competitors encroaching upon your market share for the area is limited. But in the digital world, there is no such limit. One must learn the art of acquiring what we call ‘real estate of the mind’.

So, what does it take to become the Best Digital Marketing Agency in a place that is swarming with brands with high spends at high stakes like New Delhi?

Well, to begin with, we must gather an understanding of what digital marketing truly means.

Digital marketing is essentially the endorsing or advertising of brands, delivered through

various digital media channels such as social media, websites, search engines, apps and

emails. The use of each of these tools is interconnected to the other yet the metrics that

govern them differ in many capacities. 

For example, there is often the misconception that Social Media Marketing is synonymous

to digital marketing. This is untrue. Social Media is just one part of the online world. It in itself may be considered its own world, however, having a Social Media presence just isn’t

enough to build awareness, create brand recall or secure leads. 

Experienced digital marketers have a holistic approach to the tools at their disposal. Three

fundamental aspects define how they must be used.

1. The Brand

What is your brand and where does it fit in the online world? Just as alcohol brands have to use surrogate advertising in the ‘real’ world, an array of industries follow online protocols set by search engines and social media platforms. A brand itself comes with a list of hygiene guidelines, tonality documents and a unique personality (humanized touch to the brand) that must always be maintained in every piece of communication.

Without a deep understanding of the rules and tools, the dynamic algorithms and the relevant themes that affect your audience on a day-to-day basis, a digital marketing agency cannot create a plan that is true to a brand.

Hence, top digital marketing agencies often get brands to fill in briefing documents that enlist the nature of the brand, industry and the current market scenario.

2. The Audience

An online audience differs from a real-world audience. This is because the power of the internet if used correctly, can potentially open up a brand to new audiences every single day if you have the resources for it. While a brick-and-mortar will only connect you to those in your close radius, digital marketing opens doors in continents and countries one couldn’t reach 20 years ago.

However, defining your online audience is considered much more strenuous and unpredictable due to the wide varieties of digital footprints people leave on the internet. For example, you may be attracting young and impressionable audiences on Social Media through relatable content on #EverydayFashion, crafted by a top Social Media Marketing Agency. But are they really your audience if they don’t have the purchasing power that one requires to buy your product or service? The online world is also deeply dynamic in nature. This may further affect your positioning. Take, for example, the spice business. You might be selling a spice with cultural importance to an older generation but find out that millennials are gravitating towards the ‘superfood’ trend and change your target segment to capture this previously untapped affinity.

Any decent digital marketing agency worth its salt would know the pulse of various audiences and learn to trace their digital footprints through years worth of data as well as the occasional trial and error with new industries.

3. The Tools

We’re tempted to say that this is the most important aspect of being an authority on digital marketing in a metropolis. Because the competition never stops, agencies are constantly creating and discarding strategies to overtake others with a more and more data-driven approach.

But firstly, which are the best tools and for what?

Website & Search Engine: A website is the living embodiment of your store or office and must tell the customer what your brand is, why they should choose you and how simple it is to transact with you. All channels can and should be connected to your website. It should also rank high on Google which needs constant work and effort through Search Engine Optimization. The best digital marketing agency will know to not only optimize your website for keywords that are related to your product but also to your competitors products and services. Think about how every time you type in Flipkart, Amazon ranks the highest!

Google Ads or other Search Engine ads can also be very helpful and are a trusted tool for many digital marketers as most times the objective for running ads is Sales.

Social Media: Social Media comes with its own metrics and guidelines which every digital marketer should not only know but constantly experiment with. There are Social Media agencies in areas such as New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore that are competing with each other because this world is truly a remote one. As long as you know how to connect with your customers without so much as interrupting them no matter where they are, we think you’re good!

Apps: Notifications and in-app ads are a great way to build brand recall and brands such as Netflix can be seen buying ad inventory from Spotify etc to stay relevant with its audience.

In conclusion, Digital Marketing is not a straight line of communication. In fact, it is a road made of as many zigs as there are zags. Every single day, thousands of brands are emerging in India. The best creative or digital agency in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or any such highly populated, utterly noisy (in terms of the competition) and fast-moving polis must create a pragmatic approach with all these tools in mind.

Effect combinations of these tools are essential to the brand for the agency’s success. As one of the top digital marketing agencies in New Delhi, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing.

All three aspects - brand, audience and tools must be given their equal importance in the process and only then can a strategy arise that is both disruptive and data-driven.

If your brand is currently lost in a sea of meaningless hashtags, we would like to help out! Write to us at and we’ll be eager to show you the results you’ve been waiting for.

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