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Your brand is a success when branding is the key.

We are all brands. Every individual in this world is a brand, a product of their own.

We all have unique looks, voice, essence, values, attitude, visions and goals.

Although we try to be the best version in this competitive world, we are only adored

by an audience that has a particular taste and interest. Product Branding in the field

of marketing is no different.

Imagine you have to go for an interview or impress a client to close a business deal

or you just have to go on a blind date – you would make extra efforts to look and

speak in your best. Right? Branding a product involves just the same amount of

effort, time and hard work - unless your client is Stanley Hudson (That man is tough

to impress!).

Coming back, here is our list of TOP 4 GUIDELINES to make sure you start on the

right foot.


What’s in a name? EVERYTHING. Your brand needs to have a name that resonates

with your product and the needs of your audience too. Deciding on a perfect name is

a process – from brainstorming and shortlisting a few names to finalising on one, it is

just the first step in marketing your product. When in doubt or just for a fair idea, have

your trusted ones look at the list. You must stand out from the crowd but also be in

their head.


What comes next lays the foundation of your Brand and as most people like to think,

it does not end with the Brand Logo. Your brand is a combination of slogan, logo,

business ethos, motto, vision and mission. These are the elements that define your


Th Logo defines the visual identity of your brand and consists of colours, shapes and

icons. While your Brand Logo is the visual element, all the other elements together

communicate your brand ideology and brand thought. It consists of the message, the

tonality, and the voice of your brand. It helps create a unique personality of your

brand and helps people to perceive it how you want them to.


When it comes to building your brand, make sure that you set standards. A basic

brand guideline in place will help you save a lot of time and bring the required magic

to your brand. From logo and visual elements, such as your colour palette and the

fonts, to the communication voice and tonality, just stay consistent. Over time, your

audience will get familiar with your brand. Even the slightest glimpse of your logo,

brand colours or slogan message will remind them of you. And that’s when you’ll

know you were right all along!

So, make sure your brand logo is memorable and present on all your branded items,

including your website, products, social channels like Facebook, Instagram,

LinkedIn, Twitter and all the other marketing collaterals. Keeping uniformity and

consistency may seem like a challenge but it is essential.


Only a great brand strategy can help you in your brand’s positioning. Your audience

is buying products based on their perception of the brand. You must position your

brand to hold a positive place in the mind of your customer. And to create a strong

brand positioning, you must know who is your target audience, your target market,

what is your brand’s USP (Unique Selling Point), and what emotions do you want

your audience to associate with your brand.

Think about iconic branding elements like McDonald’s logo or Coke’s slogan. Hear

or see those things and you’ll instantly know what the brand truly stands for.

Bonus Tip – CONNECT WITH YOUR AUDIENCE. Whether it’s a small business or

big, personal branding or a product or a service, you must Brand to win trust of the

audience and increase your marketing value. And don’t get us started on the growth

of your sales and the amount of awareness your brand will enjoy.

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