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The Brand

Urbfresh is an Indoor hydroponic farm with a deep emphasis on quality over quantity, and they make it happen by offering quality produce that is fresh, nutritious, and delicious, of course.

The Ask

When the client approached us with an innovative business idea and clear vision in mind, we knew it was worth taking up; and took on the challenge of building everything from scratch.

The Approach

The process of building the brand identity began with an in-depth study and discussion on Brand Nomenclature. We came up with the name ‘Urbfresh’ taking inspiration from the crux of the brand, i.e fresh greens grown & sold in urban cities, the name captures the true essence of the business with ease.   


The next phase was logo development which involved creating a variety of options based on the type and style we wanted to establish. The final logo is comprised of 2 distinct elements; the monogram and the wordmark. The monogram features a solid leaf line icon along with water drops and small dots which represent water and nutrients, respectively & the wordmark features a rounded font style.


The primary color palette of the brand represents the visual synergy of the brand.

Elegant hues like Yellow ochre and Green provide an amalgamation of earthy tones, life, nature, and renewal.


By staying true to the brand's visual identity, everything from packaging design to uniforms, to marketing materials, etc. is tied into one cohesive whole. This creates an environment where customers can understand the brand value proposition better through every step on their journey toward purchase.

Scroll for visual delight:

Urbfresh Case Study 1
Urbfresh Case Study 2
Urbfresh Case Study 3

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