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The Brand

Founded with the conviction of empowering individuals rather than emphasizing on the collective’s definition of beauty, Sycolorgy is a brand which aims to challenge the perception of what is deemed beautiful. By offering beauty products which can be personalized, it is the first of its kind in South Africa.


Sycolorgy stands out for offering customized beauty products as it prizes individuality and diversity above everything else.

The Ask

For a brand which is rooted in self-expression and individualism, we were tasked with building an identity that reflects the freedom this brand offers. The brief was to give a luxurious take on this freedom, and showcase the philosophy of Sycolorgy through all verticals. Since, all their products are eco-friendly, the direction required us to produce visual details in packaging, and other offline collaterals which were not only sustainable, but also elegant. A full circle of luxury and enlightenment for the customers.

The Approach

From the colors, look, and feel, to the communication, personalization, and personality, we worked on the brief from scratch and came up with some exciting concepts.


Beginning with a thorough research of the target audience in South Africa, we moved on to formalizing the concepts and execution. Next, we finalized the logo, made out of letters “S” & “Y” from the brand name. The yellow hue monogram gave it a warm and luxurious feel.


Now, the new task at hand was coming up with a relevant strapline, and we decided upon a “A Unique Self Expression” after a swift session of discussion. This represented Sycolorgy’s belief in individualism and self-expressionism.


One of the most exciting parts of this was creating a visual identity for the brand, which the creative team at Odd Loop relishes. We landed upon classical hues like “Dove Grey” and “Midnight Black” to lend timelessness and flexibility to the brand, whereas hues like “Storm Blue” and “Sand Dune” gave it some freshness and splendor. Not only this, we also set a primary font in the form of “Magdelin”, a minimal yet chic font known for its slender visual appearance.

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