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Social Media Trends & How to Keep Up with Them.

If you are reading this article, you are probably already making progress in the right

direction. So congrats, Odd people! Now, coming back to our trending topic,

‘Keeping up with the Trendashians’ – beware! It's not easy, it has never been.

Keeping up with the trends has always been a task, even for the most articulate

social media specialists. Be it the erratic features of unpredictable social media

platforms like Instagram and Snapchat or knowing the right kind of marketing

strategies for your brand - it always leaves us feeling overwhelmed, and a little

scared for not being able to stay at par with our peer pressure. Even when you find

out a few ways, the ever-changing algorithms make sure to nudge us towards

making new plans.

BUT you can always design a process. The trick is not in scouting for new trends day

and night but placing a system that brings you enough information to keep your

strategies versatile, befitting every situation or change.

Let those trends come to you

That's right! While we all seek new information on trends from various platforms

regularly, why not make arrangements to bring those trends directly to you? All you

have to do is follow the trend makers!

For example, if you are marketing for a brand or a product that requires you to

extensively utilise Facebook or Instagram features, make sure you follow their brand

pages to get all the information directly from the source itself! This will also save you

precious time.

You know what they say, & keep your sources close, and your information closer.

Okay, that's just what we people say. But it only makes sense!

De-clutter your ‘cat and puppy’ feed

Sorry, but those cute puppies and dumb cat videos need to have their own set time!

Yes, we said it.


Plan and prioritise what your feed shows you. How? Just make sure you follow

precisely the pages and personalities that help you indulge in the latest trends, fill

your feed and head with all the new information relating to your industry, brand and

product, and help you think of new marketing ideas.

Social media is filled with irrelevant and unimportant stuff that only makes you scroll

endlessly, wasting your energy and time. Okay, okay! We know how much those

memes mean to you. But come on, you can have a different account dedicated for

your serious stuff.

And don't forget to put a timer though, we don't want you to stray away from your

passion and goals for too long.

All that knowledge and no gain?

What's the point of consuming all the information in the world and not utilising what

you have learned for the benefit of your content?

We believe THAT is one big fat difference between the achievers and the non-

achievers. While all the achievers get inspired and take action, others only plan and

wait for the right time (procrastinating is tempting but is it always good?). Shake it off.

Take risks. Keep building new content. Follow the trends. And maybe, one day, you

might be leading them too!

So, stay passive on knowledge intake and be active on using that knowledge for

your brand’s journey. Once you get into the zone, creating great content will not only

bring joy to your target audience but you yourself.

Remember, more knowledge leads to fewer risks of not staying ahead with the

trends. And a strong brand identity builds on consistent, classy content and brand

communication. Block out some time for yourself to stay ahead of others. There’s

nothing wrong in being a little selfish. After all, it will help you reach a newer level of


And trust us, it’s oddly orgasmic!

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