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Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Hello Odd people. Ever wondered why we call water heaters as ‘Geysers’ or ‘Geezers’ in India? Yes, the word geyser means natural occurring Hot water springs, but ONLY in India people call it Geyser / Geezer and rest of world calls it water heaters. Interesting, isn’t it?

To understand people’s mind-set about a certain brand, we need to understand the psyche of how people think, in this case, Indians. Whether you’re a start-up, small business or any multinational company, you need presence for your Brand in the mind of people, that when a certain word is used, your brand pops-up in their mind. And to achieve this, people are ready to spend millions. $$$$

Understand why these big & successful businesses are spending so much on branding. Simply because, it gives RESULTS.

People usually have hundreds of barriers in mind about “Why to spend on Branding?” or “Why hire an Agency for our needs instead of any freelancer?” Answer to that is even more simple, ‘PROFESSIONALISM’.

Let's take an example of cricket, If you have to bet on any player who can win you the match, when you need 100 runs in 15 overs with only 1 wicket to spare? 99% people who follow cricket will choose MSD or Ben Stokes at crease. But why? Why not any other player? Are other players any less good? Obviously not. But these two players have EXPERIENCE in that matter, they’ve done it many times, they are professionals when it comes to finishing the game.

So, to have desired results- WINNING, you need professionals to take care of your needs and relax and concentrate on other aspects of business without worrying. Creative agencies have experts with ample experience that will give you results, even sometimes more than you desire for your amazement!

“GEEZ! What about Geezers, I’m waiting for a hot water Bath!”

Coming back to Geyser (LOL!), it was a water heater designed by The National Electric Water Heater Corp, of New York, which dominated the country and UK markets. And British used the word in India before Independence and rest is History!

Desire this kind of brand presence and legacy for your business? Go, hire the best Creative Agency for you!

Look out for our upcoming blogs precisely focusing on WHAT & WHY BRANDING.

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