House Of Proteins

The Brand

House Of Proteins is a new age food establishment that provides healthy alternatives to your favorite munchies minus the guilt trip. While the world believed that ‘healthy’ couldn’t get any tastier, a bunch of health freaks got together to whip up nutrition-packed treats in what is South Delhi’s largest cloud kitchen today.

The Conundrum

When the pandemic came unannounced, an unprecedented wave of fear loomed over the F&B industry. HOP, a leader in the healthy food segment, was looking to reinforce its safety standards and build recall and trust to sustain the business in this uncertain time. 

The Odd Way Out

A highly-actionable and engagement-driven Social Media presence was chalked out by our content architects after a thorough review of consumer trends during the pandemic. 


By reverse engineering our content strategy, we created a series of campaigns that would establish HOP as a thought leader in the space.  

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