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The Brand

A rapidly changing shopping ecosystem, a heightened concern for hygiene and an ever present need to deliver value for money is what led to the creation of Fidoo, India's first app to bring the entire offline market for daily essentials, electronics and more to a single online platform. 


This is a unique beehive where thousands of home grown businesses put in the internal work to reach a broader clientele through a trusty and supportive infrastructure at lower commissions. Fidoo is changing shopping norms for the better and paving way for customers to indulge in hassle free shopping from the comfort of their home and still get a bang for their buck.

The Ask

Armed with nothing but a solid business concept and a strong vision, our client approached us to build everything from the ground up.

The Approach

The process of building the brand identity began with work on the Brand Nomenclature. Post analyzing the target audience and having done the market research and days of effort we finally came up with the name ‘FIDOO’. With this name, we took a more nuanced approach towards building faith and loyalty with the customer. Fido, a Latin word, means trust and while this is a literal interpretation, the name intuitively also has a playful ring to it and is easy to recall. 


Moving towards the next step we started developing logo variants in different types: wordmarks, letter marks, motif-based, and combination marks. The most important factor was to consider the high readability of it as the logo was aimed to bed used on various platforms, and devices, quite often on the go. The wordmark features a modern & clean font style, accentuating the refined and premium side of the brand. On the other hand, the contemporary aesthetic of Fidoo comes through in the accurate spacing used to create the wordmark. 


The choice of font was made in favor of Proxima Nova. Its tall x-height and robustly rounded curves make it seem full (rather than sparse) and super easy to read.


The contrasting brand colors ‘green’ & ‘white’ were chosen to provide a direction for utilizing the logo in different suitable ways, getting the utmost functionality out of its design and flexibility in usage on both light & dark backgrounds. 


We maintained brand visual consistency across all channels of customer communication, from packaging design and uniforms to the delivery vehicle, website, and social networks. This unified look helps to create brand awareness and makes each element appear as part of a cohesive system.

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