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Yours Truly

The Brand

Yours Truly is a well-being brand that offers healthy and natural products in the form of yellow bears gummies. These little bears are mango flavored, curcuma laced and extremely good for boosting immunity.

The Conundrum

The brand was looking to enter the Indian Market when the 1st wave of Covid had already created much needed awareness of strong immunity & the importance of never taking one's health for granted. As people were making so many efforts to strengthen immunity the brand came in with an easy, quick and yummy solution! The task was to present how the brand will communicate with the people over social media that justifies the visual tone of the brand, the cute looking product, and the seriousness it holds to Truly help people stay healthy. The brand was looking forward to introduce it as a healthy and awell-rounded supplement for an extra dose of fitness to our fast-paced lifestyle that requiresminimum to no effort. The pitch demandes a communication plan that would help the brand gain people’s trust and not think of gummies as a harmful pill / boring medicine but a tasteful candy with great health benefits. 

The Odd Way Out


We presented a social media outlay that included everything from the creative tone to story and posting plan. The visuals were given a fresh take with combinations of pink and yellow, which brought a youthfulness and calmness to the identity of the brand. With elements from the daily life and an assuring tone, we gave Yours Truly a unique twist that portrayed the brand in its most human form. The idea was to devise a pitch that displayed the core parts of the brand without overstepping the boundaries. With visual imagery that was playful and a tone of communication that sounds caring, and assured, we managed to highlight the USP’s while also sharing important messages of positivity. This set the brand communication tone forward.

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