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Client story.

Just when the art of delightful culinary embrace was becoming all about bestsellers and competition, a brilliant home-based baker was doing what nobody was.

After 3 years of baking at home, the founder of Velvet Patisserie— Divjyot Chawla, decided to give her passion of the sweet world a breakthrough with Velvet Patisserie in 2015. She has come a long way to build a beautiful, personal and feel-at-home place where desserts taste like they're specially made for you. And yes, they are.


The challenge.

We were challenged to create the complete brand identity showcasing Velvet’s story and unique offerings in a very premium & approachable way, and to combine a feeling of their craftsmanship and elegance.


Research & work.

Our research found that, many of the times these things are not bought by people for themselves but as gifts for whom they love and care about. A simple, yet powerful display of endearment which reminds the receivers that they’re on one’s mind. And it is in Velvet Patisserie’s spirit to facilitate such sweet acts of gifting.

We produced a comprehensive brand experience that embodies craftsmanship, elegance, approachability and personal touch. Using an eye-catching typeface alongside the tagline ‘eat your ♥ out’ we signified the opulence and warmth of the brand together. The bright and contrasting colors, combined with brushes of pastels and gold are complemented by a touch of the sweet and contemporary. The branding is minimal and enduring for a long brand trajectory using a powerful but modest type treatment and a unique colour palette with sumptuous gold.

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