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Truly Blessed 

The Brand

Truly Blessed is a curated baby skincare brand specially designed to meet the ever-growing demand of parents trying to find non-irritating and natural skincare solutions for the little ones

The Conundrum

They needed help with their launch to reach their aspirational vision, and that’s where our agency came in.
The Odd Way Out

As the lead agency for Truly Blessed, we developed and implemented a comprehensive social media strategy to ensure optimal reach and impact. This included management of their social media channels, content curation, targeted paid social ads, and influencer partnerships. We capitalized on the brand's message of reliability, genuineness, and wellness in order to craft a unique narrative that resonated with the brand's target audience and generated their confidence in the brand. We complemented this with creative visuals to highlight the fun, playful side of the brand.

Truly Blessed 1
Truly Blessed 2
Truly Blessed 3
Truly Blessed 4
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