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Brand Story.

Trinket is a blend of hand crafted and bespoke jewellery pieces. All jewellery designs are influenced by some sort of art, geography, customs, emotions and architecture. The brand explores the balance between minimalism and the ornate as well as the old and the new.




Trinket had seen its growth steadily over 4 years. They wanted to grow beyond current customer reach and create a more cohesive brand strategy for the entire product range which demanded re-branding. Here is when Odd Loop was approached to develop the brand and create a more distinct and ownable point of difference enabling Trinket to realise the future ambitions.



Work. Work.

Born from an idea where stories lay at the heart of each jewellery design, we looked to heritage and storytelling for inspiration. We analysed that people, specially Indians often attach memories and stories to jewellery and this coupled with Trinket’s tactile and style.” We worked to develop a series of elegant and striking designs to reflect the story of today’s women — smart, modern and emotional.

The new brand identity has definitely raised the quality and perception of the brand and product ranges. It has captured the spirit and approach of Trinket. The identity has been rolled-out across business stationery, packaging, print and digital marketing materials, etc.

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