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The Brand

Studool is an ed-tech platform and app from Canada, with classes and mentorship for students from grade 3 to grade 12. E-learning program aims to spike up productivity while maintaining some fun and joy in disseminating knowledge.

The Ask

When it comes to ed-tech brands, the room for creativity is quite limited and sometimes the result ends up looking too basic. However, Studool made it clear that they wanted a fresh take with keen attention to detail and creativity. The brand approached us for app design and branding. They required the design elements to showcase the youthful energy of the brand, plus the all-welcoming nature that comes with it.

The Approach

The brand name is a combination of “Study” + “School”, so, the first step towards building the brand was to merge the fun, joyful elements of school with more sincere, focused aspects of studying. By blending these qualities, the uniqueness of the brand could be put to the forefront seamlessly. The shades of light yellow, blue-magenta, and violet-red brought a breath of fresh air, giving the brand-friendly and relatable energy. The colors, tone, and visual elements were easily integrated into the app user interface. By optimizing this experience through the colors, and using it to further solidify the brand's visual identity, we managed to give Studool a distinct, modern, and sleek personality. Scroll down for some fun!

Scroll for visual delight:


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