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Qause Social Media

The Client

Quase helps you help others by offering its audience a non-profit aggregator platform that helps donors, supporters and volunteers connect and engage with their choice of NGOs without intermediaries. Imagine a Zomato for those hungry for change and there you have it - a brand that truly cares about amplifying the voices of NGOs throughout the country, many of whom never raise enough funds for digital visibility and campaigning. 

The Ask

When Qause was taking its early steps as a business, the Odd Loop team was summoned for a complete social media management exercise. As the brand was a clear category creator, the need of the hour was to create a strong digital brand presence and communicate the brand story and vision to the world, allowing the people to understand and get into a new realm of giving.  

The Work

As their digital growth partner, we began with establishing the brand values, understanding emotions and eventually building a communication strategy that was holistic and focused on engaging the community in the brand's initiative. Each and every activity on the social platforms was tracked and measured to meet the set objectives. This helps in understanding what our audience is responding to in real-time and optimize the communication strategy accordingly. The greater part of the content shown, be it the impact pictures, stories or the team, the underlying theme was to tug at emotions of individuals.

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