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Qause Brand Identity

The Client

Quase helps you help others by offering its audience a non-profit aggregator platform that helps donors, supporters, and volunteers connect and engage with their choice of NGOs without intermediaries. Imagine a Zomato for those hungry for change and there you have it - a brand that truly cares about amplifying the voices of NGOs throughout the country, many of whom never raise enough funds for digital visibility and campaigning. 

The Ask

When Qause was taking its early steps as a business, the Odd Loop team was summoned for a complete brand identity development exercise. As the brand was a clear category creator, the need of the hour was to create a brand experience that eased the customer into a new realm of giving.  

The Odd Way Out

After rounds of logo explorations that best met the brand’s pathos, a minimalist combination mark was developed. An amalgam of a distinct typeface and symbol was pitched, loved, and thus implemented. The typeface and symbol came together in a classic “U'' stylized to represent a smile, also denoting “Spreading smiles and a positive change”, which best represented the bridge Qause helped build between NGOs, volunteers, and donors. A triadic color scheme was chosen by our branding experts to create an unmissable palette for Qause, that would leave no single head unturned. This was done to create a mass appeal toward a generally desensitized subject. In its entirety, the design was friendly, warm, and approachable so as to tug at the hearts of our audience, and equally striking, vivid, and clean to bring a certain lucidity to a novel concept. The entire branding process was brought to life with applications in branding stationery, out-of-home billboards, posters, and digital collaterals.

The Result

In the end, the content tonality was set to match the design developments to evoke even the most nonchalant. Ever since our onboarding, the Qause community has only grown bigger in size, bringing our efforts to fruition and the lives of many children, women, and elderly to a fresh, new beginning. Thanks to the successful branding exercise, we are now the official digital marketing partners of the brand, taking our relationship with the brilliant team at Qause notches higher. 

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