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Passion Guru 

The Client

PassionGuru provides a holistic platform for less privileged children to engage in online passion-based learning under mentorship of skilled Gurus. With the emergence of COVID-19, NGO closures disrupted education for most of the kids in the rural areas. Many kids were stuck in domestic violence households, all their ways to escape were shut and ties with the outside world got disconnected. Sudden and drastic changes took a toll on their mental health, finding an escape or a distraction to calm seemed like a hard thing to achieve. That’s when PassionGuru come into picture as a saviour knowing that pursuing passion can make one feel better emotionally, mentally and physically.

The Ask

The Odd Loop team was approached to build a strong brand identity that would earn credibility and attract the kind of people needed to advance PassionGuru's mission by consistently expressing why they matter with meaning.

The Outcome

The brand logo that got finalised after certain rounds of logo explorations was the one with classic Indian touch to it and consisted of two parts, hand motif and the hindi-english typeface. Sun element was also introduced in the logo to represent the bright opportunities usher in and the palm lines to represent one's journey. The colours Orange, Blue, and Yellow were chosen by our design experts to reflect positivity and exude a friendly and dynamic tonality perfect for the brand. The particular type also is resonant with kids as the elements (colour and design) depict a lightness and chirpiness about it. The entire branding process was brought to life with applications in branding and marketing collaterals. Towards the end, the content tonality was set to compliment the design developments of the brand.

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