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The Brand

The Mughal empresses' preserved fragrance served as the foundation of Olfa Originals, a legacy fragrance brand.

The Ask

The brand approached us to establish a captivating online presence that would showcase its rich heritage and position them as a premium fragrance brand.

The Odd Way Out


With a mission to establish Olfa Originals as a one-of-a-kind fragrance brand that embodies the sophistication and elegance of the Mughal empresses, our team set out to create a comprehensive, multi-faceted marketing campaign to achieve it. 


The strategy we developed included an emphasis on social media, where we crafted messaging that was both poetic and captivating, drawing in users and showcasing the roots of the brand. From there, we conducted extensive research on the target demographic, which yielded valuable insights that allowed us to develop a creative visual marketing campaign that truly captured the essence of Olfa Originals. Every aspect of the campaign, from the imagery to the messaging, was designed to resonate with consumers who value luxury and desire to feel like royalty.

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