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Monday Monk

The Brand 

Monday Monk is a home-grown beer brewed out of Kolkata that stands to exterminate the dreaded Monday blues by introducing a combination of refreshing taste and playful packaging. 
Monday Monk is an extension of what Saturday feels like - relaxing, chill and something to look forward to. Taking pride in it’s home grown identity, the brand understands its people and its placement and requirement in their life and tries to fulfill it by offering 3 variants that aims to elevate spirits and spice up the week. 

The Ask 

Our client wanted us to bring out the funky nature of Monday Monk’s appearance that compliments its crisp and refreshing taste. We were demanded to take a fun and playful approach (Similar to that of Bira) on how the beverage compliments every day of the week. 

The Approach 

After thoroughly studying the marketing modelling of Bira and other competitions and closely looking at the target consumer demand patterns, we closed down on a fun and funky communication channel that the audience can relate to and enjoy. 

The creatives and communication needed to reflect how the packaging looks and the beverage tastes. We decided to extend the weekend feel in our communication and through clever word-play captivate the interest of our audience.

Monday Monk_Case Study 1
Monday Monk_Case Study 2
Monday Monk_Case Study 3
Monday Monk_Case Study 4
Monday Monk_Case Study 5
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