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Miss Nails

The Brand

Miss Nails is a rare nail paint brand that believes in all shades of kindness! From sourcing ethically to producing sustainably we are on the fast track to making each launch as ‘clean’ as possible.

The Ask

We partnered with them to help create a striking and melodious brand to match their vibrant and fun personality.

The Approach

The Miss Nails brand identity was crafted to embody a refined and premium aesthetic. To ensure its high readability, the logo was designed using Athena with its tall x-height and robustly rounded curves. For visual consistency, the same design principles were applied to packaging, websites, and other channels of customer communication. This way, the Miss Nails brand was able to build awareness and create an all-encompassing system


To capture the fun and vibrant side of the brand, we used a bright color palette and whimsical graphic elements in their visual identity. The friendly font paired with the hand-drawn graphics expresses the brand’s friendly and approachable personality, while the bright and cheerful colors are meant to evoke feelings of joy.

For their packaging, we created vibrant, eye-catching designs that celebrated their commitment to ethical and sustainable production.

Scroll for visual delight:

MN 1
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MN 3
MN 4

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