Miss Nails

The Brand

Miss Nails is a rare nail paint brand that believes in all shades of kindness! From sourcing ethically to producing sustainably we are on the fast track to make each launch as ‘clean’ as possible.

The Ask

Armed with nothing but a solid business concept and a strong vision, our client approached us to build everything from the ground up.

The Approach

The process of building the brand identity began with work developing logo and logo variants in different types: wordmarks, lettermarks, motif based, and combination marks. The most important factor was to consider the high readability of it as the logo was aimed to bed used on various platforms, devices, quite often on the go. The wordmark features a modern & clean font style, accentuating the refined and premium side of the brand. On the other hand, the modern aesthetic of Miss Nails comes through in the accurate spacing used to create the wordmark. 


The choice of the font was made in favour of Athena. It’s tall x-height and robustly rounded curves makes it seem full (rather than sparse) and super easy to read.


Keeping brand’s visual consistency in mind everything from packaging design to packaging box to nail polish bottle, website and social networks, all the channels of communication with the customer look belonging to one system and create brand awareness.

Scroll for visual delight:

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