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Image by Adam Winger

Manish Malhotra x Home Furnishings

The Brand

The Indian label known for its signature designer wear that dominates the spheres of Bollywood and celebrity couture. With Manish Malhotra x Home Furnishings, they looked to embark on a new journey and enter the space of home furnishing by bringing the same sense of style and comfort that their label is known for.

The Conundrum

For the pitch, a lot wasn’t disclosed about the brand except the new product line that was being introduced. What made it more challenging was the timeline- two days is what we had to come up with a digital plan, brand nomenclature & visual communication samples. However, we didn’t treat the time constraint as an obstacle. This challenge added a pinch of excitement instead, where we were going to use our vision to bring out the best of visuals and a laid out digital launch plan in the most perfect way.

The Odd Way Out

The team at Odd Loop uses challenges as the main drive for motivation. We worked on the social media launch and presented something which ensured that the brand’s digital footprint exudes poise & charm, key characteristics for which the brand is already known. In our campaign we brought anticipation into the mix & played sneak peek with the audience by introducing crisp copy with subtle yet powerful imagery tied together with a touch of familiarity in the form of architectural icons. This playful but firm mode of communication allowed the audience a room to explore the brand in their own way. Of course, their interpretation set off by visual imagery and carefully curated content were brought together seamlessly by Odd Loop. The pitch further included ideas for brand roll out over various digital platforms, PR Collabs, Celebrity collabs, brand nomenclature & more!

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