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The Brand:

Lala move provides on-demand, same-day delivery services by connecting businesses

to driving partners through their mobile/web app. A B2B solution that carried the load for big and small businesses, the brand changed the game with hassle-free logistics for a wide array of industries.

The Pain Point:

If you’ve ever been to Chandni Chowk in Delhi, you’ll know what it takes to cut through the crowd and get someone’s attention. The brief was to not only get that attention but build a strong sense of brand recall and identification.  


The traditional businessman in this part of Delhi is indifferent to the benefits of the internet. The challenge was to grab eyeballs in a short span of time, all the while positioning Lala Move as the preferred choice of logistic services and keeping the budget as effective as it was efficient.

The Solution:

Our marketing efforts were a combination of street, print and buzz marketing with the additional sprinkle of cross-promotional activities. Apart from the go-to market strategy, we developed a campaign from scratch that aided the project with a wholesome brand message setup, design build out as well as end-to-end media planning

and budgeting. 

The Result:

A complete overhaul on the current brand messaging, the result was striking, bold and larger than life in more ways than one. The idea was to eclipse Chandni Chowk and paint it orange with street-smart ideas (wink, wink) that caught your attention instantaneously. 

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