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The Brand

Karwan is passionate about devising viable solutions for mobile device safety, guaranteeing a deluxe experience and uncompromising quality with each and every device they manufacture.

The Ask

The client wanted to build an identity that could reflect their vision for a premium and luxe experience along with the promise of safety and quality.

The Approach

To achieve this we undertook a comprehensive exercise of exploring the brand’s mission and vision, setting goals, and researching and reviewing competitors. We stipulated that our branding design should accentuate modernity, luxury, and quality, so we opted for a clean and crisp approach to the logo and branding elements. To reflect these traits, we worked with red and white as the main brand colors.

Furthermore, to support the branding, we also designed a set of promotional materials such as product labels, packaging designs, and banners. We then moved on to the development of the brand guidelines with the core emphasis placed on select visionary elements. Specially prioritized components of the guidelines included: vivid imagery, gratifying copywriting, brand values and tonality, typography, logo, brand color palette, and of course brand mission & vision statement.

By the end of this branding project, the client had a modern and premium brand identity that reflected their vision and provided them with meaningful tools.

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