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The Brand

Indratama single malts are made with extraordinary care and attention to detail with each bottle being handcrafted by masters. They're committed to their craft in an effort of making it world-renowned, and they've come out successful so far!

The Ask

Indratama knew they had a winning product but it is the process of bringing all those things together into a coherent visual experience strategically that would reflect the brand as envisioned. This is where they called in ODD LOOP, to take on this daunting task!

The Approach

Intrigued by the idea of a whisky that is powerful and mighty, we set out on our journey to find an appropriate brand name. Through a process of study and discussion, we arrived at the name ‘Indratama’ which captures the true essence & power that lies within this Indian spirit


The final brand logo is a fusion of Indian & Greek Mythology with Zeus kept as the frontier. The monogram maintains our interpretation from before regarding how this could be seen as something significant or special about how it feels to drink Indratama whisky - "like a strong, thunderbolt in the sky". The minimal & stylish logo featuring its Wordmark in Yantramanav font belonging to the Devanagari typeface for Indian Whisky is a perfect blend of tradition, with modern twists. This combination creates an altogether different impression than what's typically given off by others in this industry.


The fusion of Greek & Indian mythology comes alive in the brand's primary color palette. The white is inspired by the purity and perfection found within Greece, whereas copper/brass reflects an element from India that involves royalty--both past AND present day.



From the moment you pick up a bottle of Whisky, your senses are enticed to explore. The branding on this product has been carefully crafted with an eye toward creating strong brand perception & cementing customer loyalty in mind.

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