The Brand

Fidoo is a hyperlocal aggregator operating in the service industry with their fast-paced deliveries of all things necessary, and hence, making our lives a tad bit easier.

The Conundrum

In the competitive market of online service industry, the brand required a website which could immaculately implement their USP’s, features, and everything in between, through a coherent viewpoint.  
The Odd Way Out

The website for Fidoo was executed through a strategic framework which could flawlessly integrate UI UX, usability, identity, and different models together. Since the brand offers various services for all types of customers, merchants, and partners, the UI UX had to be designed in such a way which could relay all of this information in one go, at a glance. Brought to life through carefully selected brand elements, this domain is a dream set in motion. 

Website -

Platform - PHP Laravel


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