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The Brand

Feather is an innovative and fresh lens through which credit cards can be seen in America. Seeing credit as an investment opportunity, Feather aims to help its clients turn their debts into their assets. 

The Ask

A Lazer focused on information, trust and knowledge, our clients approached us to build the brand from the ground up. 

The Approach

Digging deep into the world of the financial nerve of America, we undertook serious market research before moving on to branding and conceptualisation. As the first step, we decided to come up with a catchy name for the brand. After much deliberation, we decided on 'Feather' which symbolised both the ease that the brand provided its audience and also the light and smooth processes it has built around its product. 


The visual identity of the brand was of utmost importance given how much the audience would visually interact with it. Our team decided to continue with a colour palette which had ‘Green’ and ‘Black’ as the primary colour and ‘white’ as the secondary colour to solidify the brand's visual identity. Green brought an element of renewal and resurrection which amplified the brand’s goal to convert a debt system into an investment for its audience. Black colour exerted power, knowledge and composure of the brand which is a much-needed tool of the industry in which Feather operates. Keeping in mind that Feather is a financial service provider, we used white to build trust and friendliness with the audience.


The logo design was decided to be an extension of what the brand colours communicated. Modern and sleek, the brand logo is parallel to the brand's vision of credit cards being the stepping stone through which American citizens climb the ladder of their investment and savings goals.


The balance created by the colour palette and the modern design of the logo can help the brand represent itself across various spectrums of communication and that completed the visual identity of the brand.

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Feather Case Study 1
Feather Case Study 2
Feather Case Study 3

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