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The Client

India’s first experiential lip studio, Emcee Beauty, harnesses the power of customization and blends it seamlessly with beauty. The one-of-a-kind process is a sight for sore eyes and offers the customer a first-hand experience to create their own shade of lipstick.

The Challenge

Emcee Beauty gives women the opportunity to challenge the benchmark of beauty and replace it with their own. Even with its truly unique selling proposition in place, the brand struggled with digital visibility. The challenge at hand was to create a platform-specific digital marketing strategy, keeping our focus on brand awareness and sustenance through high-quality content.  

The Proposition

As their strategic growth partner, we began with brand values, understanding competition and eventually building a brand-new strategy that was holistic, customer-driven, and growth-oriented. Most importantly, each activity was measured and monitored to gain a desirable outcome. This was achieved by streamlining communications and optimizing platforms. A cohesive strategy was implemented wherein a host of cogs such as website, blogs, SEO, and social media were aligned, imitating a well-oiled machine.  

The Outcome

After running a complete communication audit for Emcee Beauty, a consistent design language was developed and the brand was given a sharp new tonality.

In only 3 months post our onboarding, the brand mustered the ‘likes’ of:


3,50,000 organic Instagram impressions

A 65% growth in average likes per post

An 85% jump in brand reach

2x engagement per post 

A positive increase in online sales during the lockdown. 

Don’t take our word for it: 

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