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The Brand

Born and bred in South Africa, DIBSTR is a sneaker brand that stands at the intersection of art, music, culture, and fashion.

Presented as a reflection of the South African way of life, and to give the next generation of South Africa a feeling of immense pride, their athleisure pieces are eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethically produced. While staying true to its roots and taking pride in its homegrown identity, the brand aims to represent the new age culture of the nation with a flawless range of sneakers which gives a true direction to their rebellious attitude.

The Ask

Nothing but a tunnel vision for excellence and expression, our client wanted us to have a multidimensional approach towards building a highly vocal and immersive identity that the youth of South Africa could relate with.

The Approach

After thorough market research and identifying the core group of the client’s target audience, we moved forward with the branding and conceptualization. The first step in forming the brand identity was coming up with a name, and after a good amount of brainstorming and consideration we decided on the name “DIBSTR”.


This was coined from the word dibs, and literally means someone who takes the first call, or has the first right to claim. The next step involved an innovative strapline that resonated with the brand as well as the target audience. Our creative team came up with a lot of options, and after a very fun and quick round of elimination, we finalized the strapline – “New Culture”, as we felt it reflected the brand’s vision flawlessly.


Lastly, we had to form a primary colour palette that could cement the visual identity of the brand, while also acting as the unifying glue bringing the different elements of DIBSTR together. The team went with ‘red’, ‘black’, and ‘white’ colours to make the visual identity of the brand consistent and in line with the ethos of the brand. Hues like ‘red’, ‘black’, and ‘white’ lend an emotion of uniqueness which is young, rebellious, experimental, and luxurious. Easy to incorporate anywhere, and pleasing to the eye, the brand’s visual identity came full circle through these colours.


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