The Brand

Cliff hanger is an extension of BSB (Boutique Spirit Brands), who make premium spirits with true marketing innovations and have a range of products to offer. Made with the right combination of ingredients, their spirits are crafted with keeping the new generation of tastemakers in mind.

The Conundrum

We were approached for their vodka brand: Cliffhanger. The brief required us to devise a socialmedia plan that was visually appealing, quirky in nature and had a relatable tone.

The Odd Way Out

Our team of thinkers and content creators came up with the most perfect mix of colors that gave the brand a very attractive & trippy visual outlook, combined with a communication that was engaging and highly relatable, the plan gave the brand an exquisite feel. The team made sure to highlight the versatility and the pleasure associated with a vodka brand like Cliff Hanger.

Scroll for visual delight:


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