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Buds Coffee 

The Brand

Simple and robust but never subtle, Buds Coffee is a new-age coffee brand that offers a desirable coffee experience to coffee aficionados. Using high-grade and ethically-sourced coffee, it strives to provide customers with a refreshing beverage that is easy to make and delightful to the taste. 

The Ask

The Buds Coffee brand was eager to launch in the market with four distinct coffee flavors. To bring this project to life, they sought our expertise in devising a captivating launch plan.

The Work

To differentiate the product flavors and engage customers, we proposed an innovative marketing strategy of giving each flavor an individualized human-like persona. This was based on our research of the target group; each persona was designed to target a specific audience. We used creative visuals and catchy copies to highlight the different characteristics of each flavor.


With our assistance, the brand was able to reach a wider audience while also connecting with them in a more meaningful way. Moreover, the brand witnessed impressive sales as a result of the ads strategy. The social media content also propelled significant engagement, with an increase in likes and follows.

Buds Coffee_1
Buds Coffee_2
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