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Yumto is a premium segment line of Gelato & ice cream with natural fillers. Founded in 2018, “Yumto” came to life when an ice-cream enthusiast decided to bring together the best of Italian and Natural ice-cream flavors to serve the magic in Gurugram, India.  In addition to offering varying flavor profiles for ice-cream, they have developed a menu of shakes and frozen yogurt as well.


Standing out in a market with so many players takes more than just tasty flavors! And so, the young entrepreneur approached the ODD team to come up with a whole new Visual Identity along with the brand strategy and brand consultancy for Yumto.


The concept for this brand suggests a fun filled experience while enjoying the natural and Italian delicacies. The brand is not just limited to ice-creams but also offers a range of shakes, yogurts, waffle and more. The graphic identity centers on employing different USPs and offerings of the brand while the color palette reflects a combination of warm oranges and fresh vibrant blues reflecting the exuberant and jovial brand characteristics. The final logo comprises a compendium of custom elements for the brand collateral and store interiors. Yumto being a premium Gelato brand, is also a premium segment line of ice cream with natural fillers. Therefore, we’ve chosen “Italy” & “Natural” as the primary words to infuse in the tagline to highlight the core USP — Come for Natural, Come for Italian.

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