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Wallace Prime

The Brand

At the heart of the Austrian cityscape lies a unique and premium real estate brand – Wallace Prime. Born out of a passion for excellence, this exclusive real estate brand is renowned for its impeccable taste and solid structures.

The Ask

To craft a comprehensive and unforgettable identity that would evoke an aura of prestige, luxury, and credibility.

The Approach 

The Wallace branding experience began with an analysis of the company’s past, current, and future direction. We delved into the core values, goals, and needs that formed the foundations of the brand, ensuring that its identity would be rooted firmly on a solid platform of trust.  


We took this foundation and began to assign it a voice, by honing in on the exact nature of the brand. A sophisticated and polished tone was established which expressed its high standards.


The visual symbol for the logo is kept clean, modern, and minimal including a sharp and elegant font within the deep blue and beige color palate, inspired by the luxe and regal feel of Wallace.


We rounded out the brand identity with a suite of creative collateral that included stationery, flyers, and posters, that would help to build a consistent look, feel, and message throughout the brand.  


The results of our collaboration exceeded expectations and generated interest in the brand within the international market.   

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