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The Brand

Providing superior quality and advanced technology safety footwear for the South African market, terraPOD proudly stands as a leading brand in the industry today.

The Conundrum

terraPOD came to us looking to establish itself as the industry leader and become a “household/known" name through the use of digital marketing. 
The Odd Way Out

To ensure that our client’s goal was reached, we set to work implementing an integrated social media marketing and management solution, building a strong and cohesive presence on the major digital platforms. We analyzed the current campaigns being undertaken in the safety footwear market, strategized a course of action to differentiate the brand from its competitors, and crafted an ad campaign that was tailored to the specific goals of the company. 


We also built a comprehensive brand awareness campaign, with visual and interactive content, enhancing the company’s presence, and reaching its target audience to create relationships and build trust in the safety footwear industry. The result of these tactics was a drastic increase in brand awareness, as well as increased website traffic, SM engagement, and sales.

Terra Pod 1
Terra Pod 2
Terra Pod 3
Terra Pod 4
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