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Updated: Jan 17, 2020

What makes a Logo great & why you should spend on it.

#What makes a Logo great and why you should spend on it.

Hello Odd people! Are there any characteristics of a great and iconic logo? Well, it sure is important for a brand to have an iconic logo. But Why?

Let’s try to answer that in most simple way possible. You want and need to DRILL into the mind of your customers mate, that’s why.

A logo always gives brand a certain uniqueness and freshness which impacts the mind of consumers. It certainly impacts the public perception of a certain Company / Brand. It displays the vision and mission of a company in the most unique way.

But why is logo so important?

People in metro cities like New Delhi, don’t have time to read or have a certain attention about something in particular. How will you have these people’s attention? Well, a good, strong & impactful logo provides you that.

The science behind it is also simple, people tend to remember more what they SEE, instead of what they listen or read and Logo gives an amazing point of perception to the customers in short time of attention.

Designing logo isn’t a child play either, it requires perfection, knowledge, creative mind and visual ability of a professional designer.

Why you need to spend on a Logo?

Well, what else you’re planning to spend on, if not Logo? It's the face of your company!

Before even knowing about who you are and what you sell what people see is your logo. Hence, it's your first impression. Logo is what sets you apart from your competition and have a great logo makes a huge difference in your brand awareness, sales and conversion rate. We can say it's the first step in telling your story to your audience. And so, it's important that your logo gives an accurate picture of what your brand is all about.

Where to go for your company’s logo?

Again, I would say that experience matters. Your company is the most important thing to you, to your business. And you always need someone who understands the same and can deliver the desired results with professionalism. Like we all know, we don’t risk what matters to us. So, go HIRE A GOOD CREATIVE AGENCY. PERIOD!

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