Gaming, sports & real earnings are the words that portray the soul of Play2Win. It is the best platform that offers a spot for real sports fans an opportunity to live their fantasies.


Having other existing brands in the market with similar products, their challenge was to distinguish their mobile app as provider of the fantasy gaming platform and we had to build a strong & unique app brand identity and entire brand communication that would help them stand out and above all.


Being straight up and honest with the client is one of the qualities we possess. We don’t speak or make false promises. When the founders of Play2Win approached us with their business plan and have a discussion about how to move ahead, we sat down with them and had deep session of discussion. We had them clear on the part that with more and more fantasy gaming apps coming around, it won’t be easy for them as newcomers to reach and grow their audience. The competition is really really hot! So, not only their app had to offer high quality experience and performance but also, they’ll have to build a strong brand to stand out and have a hold in the market.


We began to work with them and build Play2Win right from defining the target audience, building the logo, brand story to the end product i.e. the gaming app with UI UX design consultancy. Have a visual journey of this project right below.

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