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Ozone Secutech

The Brand


Ozone Secutech is an innovative technology company that provides digital locks and other connected smart home products for enhanced safety and security. 


The Ask


The brand's attempt to shift consumer attitude from traditional methods to digital home security options resulted in the need for effective use of social media to reach a larger set of audience.


The Work


Based on the brand’s needs, we developed a strategic and dynamic marketing strategy for Ozone. To ensure that the brand’s message resonated with audiences, we employed a trend-based, quirky and engaging communication style on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. We planned and posted several humor-based posts highlighting the convenience and ease of use of Ozone’s products and a wide variety of options. 

The content also aimed to create top-of-the-mind recall and hashtags were used to further entice engagement from the audience. Ozone saw an impressive response from their social campaigns as we helped them to build an engaged, loyal community that they could turn to for future marketing.

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