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The Brand

One Dollar Burger is a casual American food restaurant in Gurugram, serving popular American street food with Indian twist. They have uniquely priced their burgers for one dollar in India, this way the burger rate varies depending on the current value of $ in India. They are known for fresh, quality ingredients, and quality customer experiences.


Our Challenge

They approached us in need of a dynamic, comprehensive brand system and identity that would convey energy, personality, quality, and food ethos. The brand likewise needed to convey authenticity—real people, real food, real purpose and fun.


What We Did

To visually differentiate from other fast food joints or healthy fast casual choices, and to infuse personality, we investigated various logotypes and picked the colors of American Flag as the palette for ODB. We explored various type as well as motif approaches and combinations for a robust brand system. A rich array of illustrations were created to capture personality and energy, and to tell the story of One Dollar Burger.

We knew the significance and origin of burger were vital to the customer experience, for them to enjoy the American food with the actual feel of America. So, we built a brand story and voice around this message of authenticity. And we infused the copy with the high-energy of the overall brand.

The personality of the brand comes through in full force with lively illustrations and lettering. The brand experience is packed with witty, fun lettered phrases like “Caution: Contents of this bag can lead to addiction of great taste” and illustration concepts like “tongue out on the fries pack.”

Packaging: The personality of ODB needed to thrive in the hands of the customer. From the cups to the burger box, we adorned the packaging—cups, boxes, to-go bags, etc.—with all the storytelling, energy, and wit that the brand had to offer.

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