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The Brand

Notto, a purveyor of luxury furnishings based in Bangalore that aspires to provide discerning customers with a curated selection of opulent sofas, chairs, sculptures, and other decorative pieces.

The Ask

We were approached to create a brand identity that would establish brand’s unique position in the luxury furnishing industry.

The Approach 

Our first step was to undertake meticulous market research and conduct an in-depth analysis of the target audience to conceive a compelling brand name. After extensive contemplation, we arrived at "Notto," a succinct and memorable name that exuded refinement and elegance.

Next, we focused on developing the logo, exploring various design options, including wordmarks, lettermarks, motifs, and combinations. We selected a modern and refined font style. To complement the font, we utilized precise spacing to create a wordmark that conveyed a contemporary aesthetic.

To bestow the brand with an air of exclusivity, we employed a color palette of deep black,white and tan. These colors, evocative of luxury and refinement, were implemented consistently across all brand communication channels, from packaging design to social media.

To ensure visual coherence, we devised comprehensive guidelines for the brand's typography, color palette, and overall visual style. This unified approach facilitated brand recognition and imparted a sense of unity to all brand elements.

In conclusion, our efforts culminated in a brand identity that effectively conveyed Notto's core values of opulence, refinement, and unparalleled quality.

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