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The Brand.


Bajo Tierra is a multinational company with stores spanning across the globe, UAE and Vietnam being the

most recent expansion to it. In Spain, Bajo Tierra means “beneath the earth” and true to its name the brand

is actually unearthing some of the finest quality of quartz. 


Combining impeccable craftsmanship, innovation, and the finest raw materials, Bajo Tierra brings to you the

most premium natural quartz surfaces.


Approach & Challenge.

Team Odd was recently approached to build a whole new brand identity for the newly launched product line

by natural stone manufacturing giants. The brief was to showcase the brand’s luxury in its visual identity and

entire brand communication while highlighting the core USPs. 

The exciting and challenging part was that we had to get done with the whole thing in just 20 days since that

is when the brand launch was planned around.

Not to forget, ODD is always at rescue with ODD timelines!

Developing Strategy. Work.

We sat down with the team at Bajo Tierra, to craft the brand’s strategy for the upcoming launch and expo

2020 event. Over a long session, we were able to surface the challenges the brand faced. In the process,

their team also prioritized the needs and goals of the business and its customers. Outcomes from this session

became the foundation for the branding and marketing plans.


We were able to extract and refine the key brand pillars from strategy development session and that helped

us define the brand’s personality: how the brand should look, sound, and act / behave.


Odd developed the entire brand identity with thorough brand strategy in such a way that made sure every

customer touch-point reflected the brand. The aesthetics of the brand are inspired by the art behind

product i.e. quartz and following minimalism. The typeface chosen is clean, modern, and flexible enough to

work well across huge print collaterals down to smallest digital screens making the entire offline and digital

communication sync together.

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