Logo Design

We are passionate, very very passionate about creating personalised and unique logo for businesses and individuals who are ambitious for their brands. Our logo creation process begins with understanding your business, the long-term vision and the image that you are willing to establish for your brand.

Logo building is the primary step in formation of a brand, as it becomes the foundation and lays important aspects for the next steps in the branding process i.e. Visual identity and Brand strategy. It sets the tone and theme for the whole brand to bleed in.

Logo becomes the face of your brand and the very first impression that you make on your audience. We can say it's the first step in telling your story to your audience. And so, it's important that your logo gives an accurate picture of what your brand is all about.

Your brand is the most important thing to you, to your business. And you always need someone who understands the same and can deliver the desired results with professionalism. Like we all know, we don’t risk what matters to us. So, it’s time we get in touch. As Odd Loop is the best branding agency in Delhi, India.

Process Overview.


1. Research & Understanding

We always begin by getting to understand what exactly your logo needs to SAY. We put our efforts in getting to know your business, goals, product / service and the audience it caters to.

2. Sharing Moodboard

Once we have gained enough understanding of your business, we begin with exchange process of imagery references with you so as to have clarity upon what kind of design we are looking forward to. This sums up with we sharing a mood board with you to portray the look and feel of what you want to communicate in the logo design and know what the logo is going to come up like.

3. Design and Deliver

Ideas are given a new viewpoint when they can be viewed. Here we build the logo and present two three variations to your team with different colour options for each design. We also show how the logo will look on various background colours, at different scales and alongside some logo mock-ups, such as a rendering of the design on a packaging material or signage. This way we help you to visualise your logo in a ‘real world’ setting, rather than just on a screen.

4. Feedback & Iteration 

We suggest you take quality time to review the work and come back to us with your valuable feedback. Your opinion matters to us as it always provides direction that allows us to improvise on things that may be needed.