Email Marketing

Think email marketing is a relic of days gone by? Think again! We say, even in today’s time email marketing is one of the best techniques for effective marketing, generating great ROI. It is so much more than just sending out incalculable automated messages to countless people while hoping for the best. It requires planning & strategy.

We at Odd Loop creative agency don’t “shoot in the dark”, and therefore we are trusted to target hot leads and convert them into paying customers. Just in case you didn’t know, email marketing has one of the highest ROIs in comparison to any other marketing technique. Also, 80% of business owners quoted that right email campaigns have helped them build an amazing loyal customer base proving email marketing the right approach for helping any business build and retain long term customer relations.

We start by getting to your online presence and accessing how email marketing is going to help your business flourish in this competitive market. We plunk down to talk about your overall KPIs and goals for progress on online platforms. From there we design the flawless looking responsive email layouts that adapt effortlessly on all devices.



As the audience these days is turning out to be progressively particular about the type of information and data they get in their inbox, you need to be smarter. And by smarter, we mean giving your audience profoundly focused / targeted, personalized and unforgettable emails.

With highly creative concepts and ideas, smart content composition and delightful visuals that are customized as per the objective of the email and type of audience, the Odd team creates such email campaigns that can’t be overlooked!

Besides just looking stunning, your email marketing campaign needs to draw in your audience and engage them too. That is what we at Odd Loop focus the most on with all our services, be it logo design, print design or any other marketing collateral.


Since we begin by knowing and understanding your target audience, it becomes easy for us to modify the language of your emails to speak directly with them in their preferred style. This is not even the best part! The best part is that our expertise in Branding / Brand Identity ensures you of the fact that every message that we’ll craft will have your brand personality intact and convey the unique tone of voice of your brand.


Promising brand loyalty at every step.